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Our Guide to Renting Out Your House

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Tenant Selection

We fully understand the importance of identifying the right tenant. Our procedure is very stringent and all tenants are fully referenced in detail to determine if they are able to fulfil their obligations. On qualifying prospective tenants our priority is to ensure that we provide high quality applicants for your property.

After undertaking an initial interview, the potential tenants undergo a thorough credit check and references are obtained along with credit history and the stability of income. Only when a prospective tenant has satisfied this will we recommend them to proceed, giving you reassurance and peace of mind.

Tenant referencing

Referencing is an essential process when you’re letting out your property. Knowing exactly who is moving into your property will help you to make an informed decision about the tenants you choose. Finding the right tenants can be tricky, however, with our efficient service and thorough credit checks, you can rest assured you have the best possible tenants in your property.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

From the 6th of April 2007 all new tenancy deposits must be sent to a government authorised scheme. This applies to all Assured Shorthold tenancy agreements. We arrange for property deposits to be held by the Deposit Protection Service and on expiry of term will only be released with both the landlords and tenants consent.


Flexible viewings will be arranged and accompanied if required and any feedback is obtained and relayed.

Managing the Process

Our aim is to let your property for the highest price quickly and efficiently. We have a continually maintained up-to-date list of applicants and companies searching for rental accommodation. Being a landlord can be difficult and we will remove all the worry and stress by providing a good professional working relationship with our experienced team ensuring that we continue to develop relationships with the tenant and maximise rental potential.

Rental appraisal

We offer a free no obligation rental appraisal of your property. A member of the team will visit your property and provide you with the current local market valuation.

Marketing your property

Once instructed we will prepare for your approval, property particulars and supporting photographs to promote the appeal of your property. We will utilise our extensive mailing list and erect a ‘To Let’ board. The property will be advertised both within the office and local paper, on popular portals including and on the Town & Country website.

Application and Commencement of Tenancy

The team will keep you informed on progress and resolve any issues that may arise, You can rely on excellent customer service and have confidence in the dedication and attention to detail the team will provide.

Advice on Buy-to-Let

If you are purchasing an investment property or have decided to keep rather than sell a property we can offer you our professional advice prior to and after purchase. We will assist in helping you to achieve the maximum return from your investment and provide a service to meet your individual requirements.

Fire Safety Regulations 1988

All furniture and furnishings provided by the landlord must comply with the current fire regulations. The majority of items will contain a sticker stating fire compliant, without this we shall require proof of purchase or a signed letter by the owner guaranteeing that the relevant item was purchased after 1988. These regulations apply to any upholstered furniture to control the dangers from toxic fumes, which are produced from foam. Smoke alarms must be fitted and in working order prior to the commencement of the tenancy.

Energy Performance Certificates

Current legislation requires that anyone letting property in England and Wales must provide potential tenants with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) during the marketing process. We can organise this at a discounted rate on your behalf if required.

Length of Tenancy

The minimum term of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy is six months. On expiry of the initial period, depending on the landlords preference, tenants can sign a new contract or continue to remain there on a ‘rolling contract’ where the tenant must give one month’s written notice and the landlord must provide the tenant with two months written notice or vacate on the expiry of term.

Proof of ownership

We require this in writing from your Bank or Building Society. If the property is not mortgaged we require a copy of the deeds to be held in our records.

Consent to rent

If there is a mortgage on the property a letter of consent is required from the mortgage company.

Inland Revenue

Rental income is taxable although there are costs which could be offset against any rental income. We would recommend you taking advice from an accountant for further information.

Advice on Accommodation Standards, Repair and Refurbishment

Letting a property requires attention to detail throughout the process. It is important to recognise that applicants who are very particular over their accommodation are also more likely to take their housekeeping more seriously. Our team will be on hand to advise you on how best to present your property to secure the tenant you require. If there is a need to undertake repairs and refurbishment we can provide guidance and advise on improvements prior to letting.